Our Story

Mountain States Lamb is a cooperative of 140 producers in 15 states.  Many of our members are fourth and fifth generation sheep producers.  Together we raise premium quality natural lambs in the mountains and wide open areas of the American West.

Mountain States Lamb Cooperative members take pride in their ranching operations.  They are committed to sound animal husbandry practices and sustainable agriculture.  Lambs are handled with care and raised the way we believe nature intended on lush pastures, with plenty of clear, clean water. 




A healthy environment and healthy protein sources are important to our cooperative families and we know it is important to the American consumer.  For this reason, we have strict criteria for our natural lambs. They are never, ever given added growth hormones or antibiotics and are fed a strict vegetarian diet.

Our dedication to the land and the lambs we produce guarantees that our lamb products are among the finest in the world. This attention to quality results in a delicious, tender, and nutritious natural protein for American families.