Meet Our Producer Families

Oxarango Lamb and Wool

Robert & Rochelle Oxarango 

The Oxarango operation was established in 1962 by Roger and Rose Oxarango.  Roger was a French Basque immigrant and had only been in the United States 14 years, when after being employed as a sheep herder he ventured out on his own.

Robert and Rochelle both grew up ranching.  Robert was born and raised on this ranch, and when his father Roger passed away in 1998, Robert and Rochelle decided to continue both their families' sheep business legacy's and purchase the outfit from Robert's mother.  Rochelle comes from a 4th generation sheep ranch and is the last of the Little family to earn a living from sheep.


The Oxarango sheep graze from South-central Idaho to the Wyoming border and back every year.  The sheep make the 500 mile trip starting ou near the Crater's of the Moon lava fields enjoying spring desert grasses, and spend the summer on the forested mountains within eyeshot of the Wyoming Tetons eating wild flowers, and berries along the way.  In September, they turn around and head back to the desert.

Robert and Rochelle have two children, Beau 7 years and Sophia 5 years.  To accommodate the long distances their animals travel, the Oxarango's live in Rupert, Idaho from November through May and Soda Springs Idaho from June through October.  Seeing their children grow up as they did in the outdoors, with animals while learning the value of hard work, the Oxarango's enjoy the ever more challening business of raising quality lamb and wool.



Wahl Sheep

Tony Wahl has been involved in the sheep industry all his life. He spent his teen years working with sheep on his uncle's ranch. When he was in his early twenties, he moved to the Willamette Valley from his home on the Southern Oregon coast and began his own sheep farm. Here he met and married his wife Connie. For the last thirty years, they have been raising sheep together. The Wahls' sheep business is truly a family owned  and operated farm--all seven of their children are involved in the operation.

The lambs that the Wahl’s raise are pastured in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The mild climate provides plenty of grass, making it possible for the lambs to be almost entirely grassfed. This produces a high quality, natural lamb.




Mark Wahl

"A fourth generation ranching family, Mark, Bethany & Cicily Wahl raise their sheep in western Oregon's Willamette Valley. Raising their sheep in a natural environment, green grass & watchful care allow the Wahls to produce quality, all natural, lamb."







The Martin Auza Family

Raising sheep has been a tradition for generations in Martin “Tine” Auza’s family.  His father, Frank, immigrated from Spain in 1915 at the age of 10, and just two years later was herding sheep in Northern Arizona.  He later married Elsie, and together they raised 8 children who were all involved in the sheep industry. Tine and his brothers Frank, Pete and John ran sheep together in the Yuma, Arizona area until 1988. 

Tine and his wife, Shirley, raised three children Martin Jr, Andrea, and Rachel. The children helped their parents care for the sheep from a very young age. Tine and Martin, Jr. continue the Auza family tradition today raising sheep on the lush alfalfa fields of the Imperial Valley.






The Frank Moore Family

Fresh American Lamb….it is a tradition on the Spearhead Ranch.  It all began in 1876 when Frank Moore’s ancestors first came to the Wyoming Territory.  Here they discovered prime grasslands, clear cool water, and endless blue skies.  They found a wholesome environment for raising families and livestock. 

That tradition continues today as the fifth generation of the Moore family cares for the land and sheep.  Sure, some things have changed, but gazing out over the prairie toward the majestic Rocky Mountains, it is apparent that much remains the same.  You can still see for 100 miles on a crisp Wyoming morning.  The bugle of an elk can be heard in the distance and the song of the meadowlark greets you as the sun tops the horizon.  

This tranquil, natural environment is where Mountain States Rosen fresh lamb is produced. It is truly American Lamb from American Land.


The Kunzler Family

Burt and Shelly Kunzler are the 3rd generation of producers on the Kunzler Sheep Ranch located in Park Valley, Utah.  Kunzler Sheep began in 1940 when Burt’s grandpa, Charles Kunzler, purchased his first band of sheep during World War II.  Their ranch has grown and improved over the past 60 years and is now grazing sheep from the home base in Utah to Summer ranges in the high Wyoming, & Idaho mountains. The summer ranges in Wyoming & Idaho provide flowers and grass feed in abundance.  The winter grazing on the Utah desert provides an opportunity to feed on nature’s best sources.  Burt and Shelly three daughters all have been involved in the business.  The Kunzlers take pride in trying to produce the highest quality natural lamb possible, while enjoying a great style of living.