American Lamb is the meatiest, best-tasting lamb in the world. Thanks to sophisticated breeding and nutrition programs, American Lamb is now milder and has a more delicate flavor. 

Lamb has become the "darling of American chefs," according to Gourmet magazine executive chef Sara Moulton, and can be found at white tablecloth restaurants throughout the United States. It fits well in today's consumer lifetsyles that call for versatile, great-tasting foods that are easy to prepare. 

American Lamb

  • is nutritous and great-tasting
  • has better eye appeal in the retail meat case
  • is receiving promotional support to rebuild awareness and demand
  • is popular at white tablecloth restaurants where food trends often start: 

    "In this new millenium, it seems that lamb has paid its dues and can be found on many a menu, if not permanently, often as a special."
    Chef magazine, May 2001